Kristin Persichilli



Master Colorist

Kristin is a Master Colorist with her own creative flair! Providing her guests with a pleasant and relaxing experience is just as important to Kristin as achieving the precise hair color you came in for. The La Jolie family was gifted with Kristin and all her talents in 2002. She has mastered the art of foil placement and excels at precisely and creatively performing full and partial highlighting. Kristin has the skill to formulate the many varieties of color from the natural shades to the most vibrant hues in creative color. She brings a world of knowledge from her travels to many cities including New York City, Miami, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and London in search of the latest trends and processes.

If you want to add some volume or style to your color, ask Kristin to do her signature blow dry or maybe add some curls. She will style your newly colored hair to your preference or you can leave it up to her and her artistic eye to work her magic with a style customized for you! In addition to her various skills and responsibilities, Kristin enjoys learning and teaching. As an educator she passes on all of her experiences, inspirations, knowledge and techniques to our stylists. Kristin draws her inspiration from fashion, television and film as well as from her American and international travels. Kristin believes you can be truly motivated by everything and anyone.

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